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PHILIPS 145 Series FBH145

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PHILIPS 145 Series 

Recessed Downlights with high efficiency 145mm internal diameter reflector for PL-C 13 / 18W compact fluorescent lamps. Height of only 100mm. Circular recessed mounted downlighter with high efficiency optics and option of multiple attachments suitable for PL-C13W / PL-C18W lamps. FBH 145 family is superior engineered PL downlighter designed to deliver performance and flexibility in design and installation. The construction comprises of a sturdy PDC housing. Satin finish reflector enclosed gear compartment and a removable front frame enabling the use with a variety of decorative attachments. FBH 145 is available in two depths, 100mm and 65mm.

Low depth version FBH 145 was a low depth version with 65mm depth specially designed to be used in places where the space above the false ceiling is limited.

• Cast aluminium ring. 
• Satin-finish, anodised aluminium reflector for low glare. 
• Horizontal lamp position renders higher light output. 
• Low depth requires less space above false ceiling. 
• Wide mounting ring for hiding false ceiling cut out imperfections. 
• Enclosed gear for higher safety against hazards in normal depth version. 
• Available with 8 different types of attachments.

• Representative offices and general open plan offices 
• Conference rooms 
• Receptions, corridors and staircases 
• Recreational areas (sport halls, restaurants, cafeterias) 
• Department stores, shops and boutiques

Mounting Type Downlights and Accents 

Installation Cut-out 185mm diameter 
Thickness of false ceiling 1-24mm 
Method Fasteners to bend and turns on to the ceiling 
Safety distance 0.5m 
Maintenance Direct lamp access 
• IP 20 
• Class I

FBH145 C 2xPL-C/4P13W EBC WHFBH145 C 2xPL-C/4P13W EBC WH
FBH145 C 1xPL-C/4P18W EBC WHFBH145 C 1xPL-C/4P18W EBC WH
FBH145 C 2xPL-C/4P18W EBC WHFBH145 C 2xPL-C/4P18W EBC WH
FBH145 C 1xPL-C/4P26W FBA WHFBH145 C 1xPL-C/4P26W FBA WH
FBH145 C 2xPL-C/4P26W FBA WHFBH145 C 2xPL-C/4P26W FBA WH
FBS145 C 1xPL-C/4P13W FBA WHFBS145 C 1xPL-C/4P13W FBA WH
FBS145 C 1xPL-C/4P18W FBA WHFBS145 C 1xPL-C/4P18W FBA WH
FBS145 C 1xPL-C/4P26W FBA WHFBS145 C 1xPL-C/4P26W FBA WH
FCS145 C 1xPL-C/4P26W FBA WHFCS145 C 1xPL-C/4P26W FBA WH
FCS145 C 2xPL-C/4P26W FBA WHFCS145 C 2xPL-C/4P26W FBA WH

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